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The subterranean termite is a dangerous wood-destroying pest that causes millions of dollars of damage throughout the Midwest, year after year. It's estimated that more than one in five homes in the high activity areas have been or will be attacked by these swarming insects. Fortunately, Ace Pest Control provides termite control and termite prevention services to residential and commercial clients in Olathe, KS.

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Read the signs written in the wood

Read the signs written in the wood

If you suspect you might have termites, Ace Pest Control has got you covered.

Contact us for termite control if:

  • You’ve noticed termite pellets around your home or mud tubes on your property.
  • You know that your neighbors have had a termite problem.
  • You find visible wood damage and suspect it’s from termites.


Make sure you don't get termites with our  termite prevention plan starting  with a $300 initial payment and followed by monthly or annual renewal payments.  Its a small price to pay to protect your home.


We can also provide treatment plans to immediately stop an existing infestation.

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